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Refund and Returns Policy

🐰 Bad Bunny’s Beat on Returns

At our Bad Bunny Merch hub, we get it – sometimes the rhythm isn’t quite what you expected. If your merch doesn’t make your heart dance like a Bad Bunny beat, we’re here to help.

🔄 Smooth Returns

Got a merch piece that doesn’t sync with your vibe? Initiate a return within 7 days. All items must be in their original, unrocked condition, tags still vibing along.

💰 Refund Remix

After receiving and reviewing your returned item, we’ll smoothly transfer a refund rhythm right into your account. Our team aims to remix refunds within 2-4 business days, getting your funds grooving back to you swiftly.

🎧 Off-Beat Items

If your merch hits a sour note (think defects or not as described), let us know within 48 hours. Snap a picture of the issue, and we’ll replace or refund, ensuring your next piece is pure fire.

📦 Return Shipping Setlist

You take the lead on return shipping. Choose a shipping method that keeps your package safe – think of it as your tour manager for the journey back.

⏱️ Rhythm of Refunds

Like waiting for the drop in a Bad Bunny track, refunds can take a moment. Your bank might need extra time to process and post the transaction.

💌 Your Feedback, Our Playlist

Your experience is our top track. If there’s a glitch, hit us up. We’re always looking to remix our service to elevate your Bad Bunny Merch experience.
If the merch wave doesn’t bring the joy you expected, let’s reset and make it right. Your satisfaction is our rhythm, and we’re here to keep the beat going!