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Cancellation Policy

🎶 Bad Bunny Merch Cancellation Policy

Quick Steps, Like Hitting Replay on Your Favorite Track We get it, even the biggest Bad Bunny fans might change their tune. That’s why our cancellation policy flows as effortlessly as the rhythm in “Soy Peor.

🚀 Act Fast, Like Dropping a Hot Remix

You’ve got a 24-hour window – just enough time to enjoy a Bad Bunny album. If you decide to switch up your groove, you’ve got until the final track plays out to cancel. Press stop on your order within this time, and we’ll spin your transaction backwards, as slick as a DJ scratch.

🎧 Cancel in a Snap: Dropping Us a Line

Changed your mind faster than a beat drop? No sweat. Send us an email at [email protected] within that 24-hour beat. If you hit us up in time, your order will fade out – full refund, no remixes.

🕒 Missed the Beat? Post-24-Hour Vibes

If the 24-hour rhythm has passed, stopping the merch train might not be possible. But don’t let that stop your groove – our Returns Policy is here to keep the beat going.
Your shopping rhythm is important to us. We’re here to make your Bad Bunny Merch experience as dynamic and smooth as Bad Bunny’s own flow.